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    Maintaining the health of the IT and Telecom facilities is a priority for all modern businesses, and yours isn’t any different. Therefore, taking advantage of every opportunity within this crucial business arena is absolutely vital. Using contractors has been a growing trend for several years, and makes the process easier than you ever thought possible.

    Here’s all you need to know about the whats, hows, and whys of choosing this modern approach to filling telecom positions.

    The Benefits of the Gig Economy &

    The term ‘gig economy’ is one that ultimately describes the concept of using contractors and freelancers for temporary employment rather than using standard permanent employment options. While this can be used in various areas of business, it is particularly useful for projects relating to IT and telecommunications.

    Using the gig economy brings many benefits compared to traditional employment, including;

    ● Engage with local and global talent through remote communication

    ● Team up with experts when needed, avoiding wasting staffing funds as well as bypassing the legal obligations associated with recruiting permanent staff

    ● Make the recruitment process faster and easier

    ● Hire a specialist with a specific project in mind rather than ongoing works that may require a range of related skills

    ● Save on traditional advertising

    ● Get what you pay for, by paying for the job rather than the timescale, which motivates technicians to work efficiently

    By using for your IT and telecommunications projects, you’ll be connected to a network of over 37,000 experienced engineers and techs. Each of those specialists is fully qualified and ready to provide fast service that adheres to the very highest standards.

    The gig economy has changed the world of recruitment, particularly temporary recruitment, forever. When it comes to IT and telecommunications, is the only service you’ll ever need.

    The Process of Hiring Freelancers with connects you to technicians and engineers from all over the world. Between them, they boast virtually every IT and telecommunication skill you could ever possibly need. So, whether you need to repair damage to restore the health of your systems or implement new ideas and facilities, you will never struggle to find a winning candidate for your project.

    How does the recruitment process work for businesses like yours? Honestly, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

    Step 1: Post The Job

    After registering your business to the network, the first step to filling the position is to post your temporary position.

    Simply provide with the necessary details (we’ll guide you through the process) and, once confirmed, the job will be published for our network of technicians to see. Those that fit the criteria and are capable of completing the work to your specified budget and timeframe will then make their applications ready for you to choose the most suitable candidate.

    Step 2: Assign The Job

    Applications will be presented in an easy to digest fashion, making your life particularly easy as you search for the best technician or engineer.

    You can communicate and interact with the candidate to clarify any points of uncertainty before hiring them. Once the agreement has been confirmed, the engineer will get to work on your project before sending it off for your approval.

    Step 3: Approve The Job

    Naturally, you do not want to pay for work that doesn’t live up to the expectations. Therefore, it is necessary for you to approve the work before the job is concluded.

    Once you’ve approved the work, the engineer or technician will be paid. This signals the end of the projects, although both parties can decide to stay in touch for future short-term projects.

    The whole process can be completed in next to no time. In fact, if you are in a huge rush, you could post and recruit an IT expert on the very same day. While the length of the work itself will depend on a host of factors relating to the individual project, there is no doubt that this is the quickest way to fill a temporary role with an experienced and professional contractor.

    FieldEngineer promotes a stress-free, safe, and strategic solution to your ongoing IT and telecommunicational needs. Your workforce has never looked stronger.

    What Reassurances Are On Offer To Businesses?

    As a business owner, you deserve peace of mind. When using, the details of all projects will be clearly detailed to your technician. This means that you will be guaranteed to receive the work that you actually want – and if it isn’t, you’ll be fully protected from a financial perspective.

    Payment is held with, and will not be cleared until the work has been signed off. So, in the rare instance that a technician or engineer doesn’t complete the job to satisfactory standards, you’ll be in a position to request changes or get your money back before hiring someone else to do the job. Given that our professionals want to get paid, this outcome is a rarity.

    Of course, the engineer is protected too so that they know they’ll be paid for their work. Nevertheless, knowing that protocols and policies are in place for all situations, can put your mind at ease, allowing you to utilize the gig economy with immense confidence.


    The concept of hiring freelancers on short-term contracts is now incredibly popular in a host of business sectors but is a particularly useful tool when dealing with managed IT and business telecommunications services. FieldEngineer is the best place to make it happen.

    FieldEngineer has built an ecosystem of the best on-demand technicians, while the exceptionally smooth process of finding a specialist engineer to complete the project is the quickest and most efficient fashion has never been easier.

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